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Welcome to the Switch Prod Keys Fan Base website. On this website, we share information on Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu, Ryujinx, Cemu, NSEmu, Skyline, etc. On this website, we share the solution to the problems related to switch emulators and Firmware, such as the list of prod keys.

Many players like to play Nintendo Switch games. However, most of these players do not have a Switch console. All the exclusive games of Nintendo Switch can only run on the Switch console. To play the game you have to buy a Switch console. The Switch System comes with 3 different models. This different system has different models and its price varies. You can play all the exclusive Switch games by buying any of these Nintendo Switch consoles.

Nintendo Switch – OLED ModelNintendo SwitchNintendo Switch Lite
$349.99 MSRP*$299.99$199.99

You can buy any Switch console from these 3 models, although buying these consoles is expensive. Many students like to play different games but they do not have much money. This is a legal way through which you can play the exclusive Switch game.

Switch Prod Keys!

Framework and Prod key are required to set up all these switch emulators. Here we have provided the file of Yuzu Prod Keys, Ryujinx Prod Keys, Skyline Prod Keys, and Framework. All the prod keys here are for all the latest versions.

Yuzu Prod Keys

Download the Yuzu Prod Key for free by clicking the download button.


Ryujinx Prod Keys

Download the Ryujinx Prod Key for free by clicking the download button.



Download the Firmware file for free by clicking the download button.

Game Roms

Download the Roms File for free by clicking the download button.

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If you are using the Yuzu Switch emulator or any other Switch emulator, on this website you will be made available the ROMs files of all Switch games. To explore the game better, you can get and use these Yuzu Roms or Ryujinx Roms.

Switch ROMs (Games Collection)!

How to Test Switch Game for Free?

If you are thinking of a way through which you can play Switch games for free. Yes, it is possible that you can play selected exclusive games without a Switch console. But for this, you will need a Switch emulator. If you are wondering where you will get information about the Switch emulator, then we have the information for it. Many open-source Switch emulator software are available on the Internet, with the help of which you will be able to play some selected Switch games.

Best Switch Emulator for PC/Mobile!

If you are confused about choosing the right Switch emulator. We’ll help you choose the right Switch emulator. There are many Switch emulators, some of the popular ones are YuzuRyujinxCemu, and NSEmu. We have explored all the Switch emulators but according to us Yuzu and Ryujinx are the two best emulators. If you want to play Switch games on mobile, then Skyline Emulator is perfect for that. Skyline is an open-source Switch Android emulator, you can get and set up it for free.