Download False Dream NSP, XCI ROM

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of downloading False Dream NSP, XCI ROM and installing it. Additionally, I’ll provide emulator suggestions and more information below. Let’s get started on your journey into the world of False Dream!

False DreamName:False Dream
Developer:Tenkai Games
ROM Format:NSP
Language:English, Japanese
Release:April 18, 2024

In “False Dream,” you’re ensnared in a dream world. Use your camera to capture anomalies—oddities that defy reality. By documenting these anomalies, you may find a path back to the real world. Take a close look at the image below. Can you identify any abnormalities? It’s your task to spot and photograph them in this immersive game experience.

How to Install Game

  1. Switch Games Playable on PC with YUZU or Ryujinx
  2. For Installing the NSP/XCI file use Tinfoil or DBI Installer
  3. Once installation is done play and enjoy the game

Download False Dream NSP, XCI ROM

Click the download button below to get False Dream NSP, XCI ROM. Immerse yourself in this captivating game where you capture anomalies in a dream world using a camera. Spot unusual elements and embark on an adventure to return to reality.

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Size: 173 MB

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